Candy Land

In this post I’m going to tell you all about one of my favorite games, Candy Land! You will learn when, where, and why this games was invented, along with who invented the game.

“A Sweet Little Game…For Sweet Little Folks.”

The game of Candy Land was created by Eleanor Abbot, in the 1940s, in San Diego, California. Eleanor Abbot was a recovering Polio patient who created this game to provide hours of entertainment to other children suffering from Polio.

The first company to accept Candy Land for production was the Milton Bradley Company. Candy Land first hit the shelves in 1949 and sold for one dollar. Milton Bradley, now Hasbro, has been producing Candy Land for more than 50 years now.

In the game of Candy Land, players select colored cards and advance to squares of that color. They navigate the rainbow trail, through places like the Gumdrop Mountains and the Peppermint Stick Forest, while hoping not to get caught in the Molasses Swamp. The winner is the one who gets to the Candy Castle first. The whole playing board is covered in many sweet treats that will make your mouth water for more.

I greatly encourage you to go home and play a game or two of Candy Land!!!


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My Favorite Sport

What is my favorite sport? Gymnastics of course!

In this blog post I’m going to tell you all about gymnastics and my life as a gymnast.

Gymnastics is a sport that requires a huge amount of strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance. It also takes a lot of time and dedication if you want to do well. And don’t forget, there are also four different events that you have to master; vault, bars, beam, and floor. All of these things are mashed together to make the sport of gymnastics.


One of the four events in gymnastics is  vault. In the event of vault gymnasts  must run down a 82 foot
runway, jump on a springboard and pop  off  of the vault. As the levels get higher  and the vaults get harder they will begin to do flips and twists while in the air. They must also stick the landing or they will receive a deduction.

Uneven Bars

Next, is my favorite event, the uneven  bars. This event requires gymnasts to  hold their own weight while twisting  and turning on the bars without  touching the ground. It requires lots of strength and coordination.

Balance Beam

Beam is an event that requires tons of  confidence and balance. The beam is  only four inches wide making skills  much more difficult than on the floor.  Most gymnasts start with easier skills  like cartwheels and handstands, and later move to harder skills like back handsprings and back tucks.


Last, but not least, floor. The floor  exercise requires lots of power and  stamina, along with gracefulness. A  floor routine lasts no more than 90  seconds, but still may be very  challenging because of the demand to maintain energy throughout the whole routine. Each routine has a certain amount of turns, leaps, jumps, and tumbling passes that are required. As the levels get higher, the skills that are required get harder and larger in number.

My Life As A Gymnast

 Here is a  picture of  my  gymnastics  team from  2013. Our colors are now purple.

Gymnastics has made a huge impact on my life. Although it takes up lots of my freetime, it teaches me to be dedicated and to really work for the things that I love. I have been doing gymnastics since I was 7 years old and it has taught me many things.

I am currently on the Pickaway County YMCA Gymnastics Team, in Circleville, Ohio. I am a level 6. We have a very small space to practice, but we make it work.

I have had many ups and downs as a gymnast, but they always say, you learn from your mistakes. Last year I was finishing up the season as a level 7. I had gotten very frustrated and I thought that I wasn’t good enough, so I quit. I thought that I was happy without gymnastics in my life, but I later realized that I had made a huge mistake. I came back to the team about 3 months later and things were really hard. I had to work very hard to get back to where I am now, as a level 6. I am currently doing better than ever and I recently scored my highest score on beam, a 9.5! I am much more confident now than I ever was, and all of my hard work has certainly paid off.

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I Am Poem

This is a poem that I wrote about myself for #WritingWednesdays. Mrs. Caudill, my wonderful teacher, started each sentence and we had to finish them. I hope that you enjoy my poem.

I Am Poem


I am addicted to chocolate fondue.

I wonder why the world is round, and the skies so blue?

I hear the bees go buzz and the cows go moo.

I see the laces as I tie my tennis shoe.

I want to be my best, and someday hope to shine through.

I am me.


I pretend that what other people say can’t hurt me.

I feel anger, joy, loneliness, and glee.

I touch my flute, with tons of keys.

I worry about what people think of me.

I cry when I’m in pain, you see.

I am me.


I understand that there are things to do, that I just cannot.

I say some stupid things… a lot!

I dream of cruising on a yacht.

I tried to tame the wild kittens that I caught.

I hope that I never have to get a mug shot!

I am me!

The Sneaky Squirrel

In Mrs. Cauill’s class we are doing a new thing called Writing Wednesday. We have to write a story that goes with a random picture chosen by Mrs. Caudill. We have to use either positive or negative connotation,  but not both. Here is my story and the picture that goes with it, I hope you like it!

The skinny squirrel was tramping through the forest when she suddenly realized that she was shivering. She  continued walking until she came across an old rundown cabin. She climbed a tree and spied on the old farts that  lazily sat in their chairs inside of the house. When the strange woman left the house, she scrambled through the door  into the old shack.

The first thing that she noticed was that nasty odor of an old person. But that was not going to stop her. She plugged  her nose and snooped around the house looking for something to keep her warm. No luck! But, the squirrel was not  going to give up. She stared at the old man, studied him from head to toe. He looked pretty irresponsible, she  thought, maybe he’d give her something warm to wear.

The sneaky squirrel decided not to be so sneaky anymore. She stomped right up to the lazy man and demanded that he give her something to wear! She argued and argued with the old man for what seemed like hours. Finally he said, “Well, maybe since my wife isn’t here I can get you something.” He got out of his chair and left the room. A few minutes later, he came back with this ugly red scarf and a purse that looked like a giant tomato. “She doesn’t use these anymore, maybe she won’t notice that they are gone,” he said.

So, the little squirrel took the scarf and the purse, confused about what she could do with that,  and continued on her way through the chilliing forest.

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Special Celebration

By looking at these three pictures, can you guess what celebration this is?


If you haven’t guessed it yet, here are three clues:

  1. This celebration is held annually on March 17th.
  2. This is the national holiday of Ireland.
  3. Corned beef and cabbage are traditional foods eaten on this holiday.

Did you guess it? It’s St. Patrick’s Day! St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration held annually on March 17th. This day marks the death of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. St. Patrick’s Day falls in the fasting season of Lent, but on this day the prohibitions of eating meat were lifted. What began as a religious feast day has become an international festival celebrating Irish culture with dancing, parades, food, drinking, and a lot of green. The first recorded St. Patrick’s Day parade was held, not in Ireland, but in New York City in 1762. With the dramatic increase of Irish immigrants to the U.S., the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day became widespread and is now celebrated all over the world. To learn more about St. Patrick’s Day, click here.

Have you ever been to a St. Patrick’s Day parade? Do you celebrate this event where you live? If so, what do you do to celebrate it?

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My Blog Audit

Audit of my blog: By Me

I have been participating in the Student Blogging Challenge and I am now going to do an audit of my blog. First if all I have written 21 posts (including this one). 1 of my posts are school based. 5 are of my own interests and 15 of my posts were set by the challenge. I received a total of 21 comments. 1 from classmates, 8 from teachers, and 12 from overseas students. My post that received the most comments was “About Me.” I think that people commented on that post because it tells what I’m like and it is also really easy to make comparisons with. The post that I enjoyed writing the most was Extinct or Extant because I was able to write about anything that I wanted. I was also aloud to research my favorite topic, animals! I have a total of 6 widgets. I think that I have too many because some of them are big and take up lots of space. I have 4 overseas students on my blogroll along with my classmate’s blogs. Last but not least, the web tools that I used to show creativity on my blog were kizoa, Portrait Avatar Maker, and jigsaw planet

Audit of my blog: Gavin’s Thoughts and Reactions

For the second part of my blog audit I observed the reactions of someone who might not have read my blog, in this case it was Gavin. As he interacted with my blog, I realized that he seemed very interested. He was most interested in the widgets that I had. For instance, he really like Mr. Pickles (my penguin). Once he was finished reading through and exploring my blog I asked 4 simple questions and recorded his answers.

  1. What were your first impressions of this blog? He thought that it was very “high tech” with all of my widgets and the falling snow.
  2. What captured your attention? He said that the falling snow, the widgets, and the number of visitors that I had captured his attention.
  3. What distracted you on the blog? He said, “nothing really.” Gavin liked how my posts were in the middle of my blog with the widgets on the outsides so that the posts were the center of attention.
  4. What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog? Gavin said, “I don’t know.”

This is the end of my blog audit. Thanks for reading!

Extinct or Extant?

There are over 9000 animals all over the world that have become extinct or endangered over the years. If we don’t do something to help, the list will continue to grow. One endangered species protection program is the World Wildlife Fund. WWF fights to secure a future for animals. They help bring back animals from the edge of extinction. Some of the leading causes of extinction and loss of biodiversity include:

  • unsustainable hunting and harvesting
  • land use practices; deforestation, urban and suburban development, agricultural cultivation, and water management projects that destroy natural habitats
  • introduction to destructive diseases, parasites, and predators (intentional or unintentional)
  • water, soil, and air pollution
  • global climate change²

Many animal populations have dropped majorly because of those few things. Poaching (illegal hunting and harvesting of animals) has made a very big dent in animal populations like the Asian and African elephant which were hunted for ivory (their tusks). Deforestation plays a major roll in animal extinction. Just think about the rain forests. Trees are being cut down, destroying animal habitats and causing them to move out of their home and closer to humans. Destructive diseases, parasites and predators can destroy an ecosystem. Just like we learned in science class, if you remove one animal from a food chain (because of an invasive species killing it off) then the whole food chain will eventually die. Water, soil, and air pollution can cause global climate change (aka global warming). If there is too much carbon dioxide in the air it will cause the temperature to change. Animals live in specific places partly because of the weather. If the climate suddenly changes the animals are at a greater risk of death.

(Proportion of all assessed species in different threat categories of extinction risk on the IUCN Red List, based on data from 47,677 species)¹

According to

  • 1 out of 8 birds
  • 1 out of 4 mammals
  • 1 out of 3 amphibians
  • 6 out of 7 marine turtles

Are at risk of extinction. That is about 13% of birds, 25% of mammals, 33% of amphibians, and 86% of marine turtles.¹

Does life have to be this way?

This may seen like a problem with no solution but we can help! There are many simple ways that you can help to prevent animal extinction. One thing, that maybe you can’t do but your parents can do, is to slow down when driving. Never purchase products made from endangered or threatened species. You can make your home wildlife friendly by planting native plants that will provide food and shelter for native animals. Also, use less herbicides and pesticides. Try to learn about endangered species in your area. The easiest thing that you can do to help endangered species is RECYCLING! Help save the endangered species. Like they say, every little penny helps. To learn more about how you can help visit this website

Here is a video to get your mind going:

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